Before the long cold of the Minnesota winter starts to set in, a different kind of chill fills the air at Northern Frights. With five terrifying attractions, the haunted house complex has haunts that'll unlock nightmares from killer clowns to shambling zombies. Each ticket grants fright-seekers access to all five haunts, and this is what they'll get:

Legends: Out of the Minnesota wilderness, tall tales of terror have emerged, including Big Foot and ghosts rising from a sunken ship. What would happen if they were all in one place?
Zombie Outbreak: After the apocalypse falls, there's only one place safe from the spread: Terminus. The path is clearly marked, but to get there, you must walk through a half mile of zombie-infested woods.
Killer Clowns 3D: Strap on your 3D glasses for this assault of the senses. Bright colors, neon lights, and killer clowns coming from all sides are just some of the horrors that await.
Phobias: Are you afraid of spiders? Small spaces? Dark corridors? You'll find out on this twisted walk of fear.
Terror Tunnel: Dressed with grisly gore and horrifying scenes, only the bravest should enter this tunnel of horror.

5 Attractions 1 Price! Unlimited Wristbands General Admission $22 

Fast Pass $32

Come Early & Stay All Night!  CASH ONLY

(Zombie Paintball not included in wristband) 

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